Meet the Team!

Personal Profile: Luis Lopez

I am a very committed and motivated health and fitness professional whose philosophy is to assist, educate and inspire people to live a healthy, sustainable, holistic lifestyle. Through personal experience I can empathize with my client’s fitness battles therefore I am in the advantaged position to have proven strategies to overcome emotional, psychological, and physical barriers. My conscientious, methodical, approach to program design and implementation ensures that the specific needs of all my clients are met through scientifically robust and adaptable exercise programming. The owner/Head Trainer of CrossFit M.D.I.

Education and Qualifications:
Graduate of the National Personal Training Institution (NPTI) 2011 – 500 hours of hands-on practical experience, training programs oriented to; weight loss, weight gain, functional fitness, group fitness, functional movement screening (FMS), metabolic conditioning, strength and conditioning, TRX suspension training, sports specific and special populations.

. National Academy of Sports Medicine – (CPT) Educational training program and certification for personal trainers focusing on movement science, exercise science, nutrition and behavior modification. (NCCA Accredited) – 2012.

. Advanced Certified Personal Trainer (A-CPT) – Training and Wellness Certification Commission (NCCA Accredited) – 2011.

. Speedblast Training™ Certified: Linear and Sports Specific Speed Development (NSCA, NASM and ACPT Accredited) – 2011

. Osteoblast Training™ Certified: Strength and Conditioning for Bone Health (NSCA, NASM and ACPT Accredited) – 2011

. TRX Suspension Training certified Instructor: Unique Bodyweight Exercise Health (NSCA & NASM Accredited) – 2011

. Kettlebell Weights Training certified instructor– Functional, dynamic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength, power and flexibility training. (Accredited by NASM, and TWCC).

. Crossfit Level 1 Trainer – Core & Strength conditioning program that optimizes physical competence in each of the ten recognized fitness domains. Cardiovascular & Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance & Accuracy. The ability to enhance an individual’s competency at all physical task.

. Crossfit Judge Certified – CrossFit Judge afficiates live and CrossFit competition. Sole goal is to make sure the standards of each fitness movement is meet to competition rules, regulations and common movements.

. Crossfit Kids Trainer – CrossFit Kids is meant to be BIG fun for all ages. Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means less childhood obesity and all-around better health for our children.CrossFit Kids focuses on mechanics and is based on long-term athletic development, we are always teaching proper movement patterns. This means no loads are introduced and intensity remains deemphasized until the child performs safe and efficient movement consistently.

. Adult/Child & infant First Aid, AED, and CPR Certified Instructor – (American Red Cross) – 2011
American Red Cross instructors who delivers lifesaving training programs from First Aid, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillator) training meets the needs of workplace responders, professional rescuers school staffs, professional responders and healthcare providers, as well as the general public.

Personal Profile: Stephanie Mijano

I am Co- owner/ Operator of Crossfit MDI. I am a graduated culinary chef with a B.A degree in Culinary Buisness Management and an AS degree in applied sciences . I have been a chef since I was 16 and an official Crossfitter since 2013. I fell In love with working out when I saw the transformation, determination and drive that fueled my husband to lose over 130lbs.

He then went to school to be a professional trainer and decided to start teaching everyone including myself how to fall in love with a great workout. In 2011 we decided to take a leap of faith and open up a 600sq ft location where he was going to teach one or two classes a week and show people the PTS way.

Well word of mouth spread like wild fire and 2 people turned into 10 and then 10 quickly turned into 50. So we needed more space to provide people with exceptional service. We then moved to a 1200 sq ft location where the same thing sort of happened and we had to make a bigger move. Now we are proudly a CrossFit Affilate since 2013 . We love our community of Motivated individuals Dedicated to Inspire this world with the power of health and fitness.

We recently welcomed the newest member to our CrossFit MDI family. Her name is Olivia Lynn and she has been a Crossfitter since she was in my belly over 12 months ago. She was born December 20, 2014 . I believe whole heartedly that I have CrossFit to thank for allowing me to go through the process of child birth naturally . I was able to use what I learned to my advantage. I had one goal in mind and I never gave up and that determination can only be bread in a CrossFit gym.

I was in a competition with myself. I worked out throughout my whole pregnancy , up until the last couple of days before I went into labor. I did all of the workouts scaled down to my ability and with the coaching help of my husband and Melissa. Now she is a very active, advanced and overall healthy baby . Our hopes for her is that she loves CrossFit as much as we do.

Personal Profile: Jeanna Lopez

My crossfit journey started in June of 2012. 2years prior to that my brother Luis promised he would help Motivate me to be Dedicated and Inspired by being a healthier, happier me and he did just that.

It was my brothers dream to motivate the masses to be happier and healthier so not even knowing what was destined back then but he had started a movement and what would now be Crossfit MDI.

My proudest moment was during Battle of the Legends when I competed for the first time at our in house competition and My brother was so proud of me for lifting the 115lbs and he looked over a his wife and said something like; “She’s going to give me a heart attack”.

Or when… the week after I turned 40 I climbed the rope for the very first time.

My hobbies include reading, writing poetry, and spending time with my family (especially my niece). I love music, make up and socializing (MDI’s very own Social Butterfly) ooh and traveling.

Personal Profile: Melissa Mota

Melissa Mota is one of the Head Trainer at Crossfit M.D.I. She started doing Crossfit-style Workouts in June 2013 with Luis Lopez at PTS Fitness Studio. One year later she became certified as a L1 Trainer in Crossfit and started coaching in September 2014. While working with Luis, Melissa also got certified in Kettle Bell and TRX suspension training.

Melissa aka “Teach” the “Motavator”, was always into athletics. She played basketball, flag football, soccer, and ran the 400 m in track. She also got into kickboxing while in college and did that as exercise for a few years. “Teach” has experience coaching flag football for high school girls and did it for 2 years. She got her nickname “Teach” when she started going to PTS because she is a math teacher. “Teach” also likes to play the oboe at her church on Sundays and enjoys swimming.

Personal Profile: Gian Velez

In 2008 I began my Olympic weightlifting journey in High School. I became a Varsity lifter for three years which lead to opening the door to my fitness journey. From then I continued to weight train for the next year. After a year I decided it was time to start something new I began to play Coed football with the YMCA for about a year and later began my short career into the art of MMA. After realizing that I was more fond of watching the sport then participating in it I began a long stint into boxing. I trained for about 6 months until a family friend took me to a small fitness studio run by none other than Luis Lopez. After seeing that this new form of cross training incorporated some of the weightlifting I had done in high school as well as some the moves and drills used in football conditioning I realized how much I would love this new form of fitness. I decided to leave boxing and continue my fitness journey with Luis and his staff along the way I learned more and more about a variety of exercises as well seeing a drastic change in my fitness. In 2014 I was so obsessed with this new sport of CrossFit a decided to go after my certification for Olympic weightlifting and in 2015 my CrossFit level 1 trainer certification. After that I no longer began a customer of Luis’ and his gym CrossFit M.D.I. but an actual trainer and instructor for our Olympic lifting Barbell Club. I now compete in occasional local competitions and spend most of my time balancing school, a second job, and the gym.

Belinda Rennes

My Crossfit journey began in April 2014 and I immediately became an addict. As a child I was always active playing every sport and continued on to play at the collegiate level. I had only lifted weights on machines at a local gym. It was not until Crossfit that I realized my body was a machine capable of so much more.

One year of training taught me a lot about not only my own abilities in Crossfit, but my ability to inspire and teach the people around me. There is no greater feeling than to see others succeed at what they once thought may have been impossible to achieve. In addition to CF training I also compete in local competitions and have aspirations of becoming a CF regionals competitor.

I am a student at UCF pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science and plan to continue onto graduate school. I currently have my USA-W L1 certification and am working towards several others in CF, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility, Nutrition and Personal Training. I look forward to every piece of knowledge I attain. The best part of my journey is having the greatest mentor of all time: Luis Pts Lopez.

Ashely Rivera

I started Crossfit back in July of 2012 and immediately loved it and became addicted to wanting to learn more about the sport and become a better healthier person and athlete.

Growing up I was always active. I danced as a young girl. And once I started high school I started flag football and became apart of the girls wresting team. I wrestled all four years and made it to states every year and placing no lower then top 6 every year.

Once I started Crossfit it was easy for me to get my mind and body back to training again. My first Competition was in house at our Box. battle of the legends 2 and I had no clue what I was doing but I was open to pushing my self and enjoying a whole new kind of challenge. And since the I have competed in a few local competitions.

I’m a former graduate of Everest University with my AA in Criminal Justice. I have plans on going back to school for nutrition and personal fitness. I currently have my USA-W L1 Certification. I have plans on in the future getting a few more Crossfit verifications.

I love the process and journey that I’m taking and enjoying everything that I’m learning. I spend most of my time working, in the gym, and with my family and friends.

Jermaine Anthony Hernandez

UCF student who is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in sport and excerise science. I love sport and fitness, I’ve been doing crossfit for about 2 years.

I became committed to fitness freshman year of high school. Everyday I would wake up at 3 am workout then go to school right after.

I am level 1 certified as a cross fit trainer


Amielys aka Murii (moo:dy) is a wife, mother of 2 and full time manager in the Corporate Legal department for a major timeshare company. She received her L1 Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Certificate from the USAW in December 2014. She started CrossFit with us at CFMDI in March 2013 wanting a change from the same gym routine and hitting a plateau in her weight loss. She has since lost 70 pounds and found a new passion in helping others reach their fitness goals. Her passion lies with keeping kids active and making it fun for them as she looks forward to completing her CF L1 & CF Kids certifications in the future. You can meet her every Mon & Wed during Fundamentals!

Gregory D’Ambrosio

Greg began CrossFit in the summer of 2012 and since has become extremely passionate about the sport. In the winter of 2013, Greg had received his L1 certification and since has coached CF in the orlando area.

During this time, he had built a passion to work with individuals to better prepare themselves for competition, both at the local and regional level. Programming, mechanics and competition preparedness are his specialties and he hopes to pursue a continued side-career with this. It brings him great joy to assist his clients and members with PR’s and continued success.

Some of Greg’s interest outside of the gym include playing drums and traveling.

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