PRESERVING THE SEXY Cares! Thursday WOD! Blog 141!

The PTS Cares program began with the simple idea that those who are in a battle to overcome challenging life situations, should not have to face it alone. If financially you couldn’t partake in our classes or needed that extra motivation of someone really caring and pushing you do to better we will help! We received several emails from the community & have picked a winner to receive 3 months of free classes to get back healthy and happy.

Female: Kristine Gonzalez
We are still going through emails for a Male winner and will announce mail winner soon!

Blog 141
You have to learn to do things you don’t like. You must find ways to like the process and make the most of that time.
Today after the workout I had to do a billion muscle ups because 1 I’m not that great at them. 2 I want to get better. 3 my coaches made me do them because I left my pre workout Star Wars cup out & they are holding it ransom until I completed the task.
It’s my favorite cup & I want it back! LOL! So I did the workout & i did pretty good on all the muscle ups. I hit them all & didn’t miss one. Gotta lot of work to do but I made the process fun by dancing & goofing around. I love what I do. Even when I’m not that great at it. I find joy in the journey.
Hope you guys have a blessed day peeps! Off to teach & then coach at CFMDI tonight! Be there!
Motivation! Dedication! Inspiration! Preserving the Sexy


Thankful Thursday peeps!!! Lets get healthy & Happy peeps!!! Let’s inspire our community! Let’s preserve the sexy!
Photo by: @ltevebaugh
Athlete: Coach Belinda
M.D.I. Of the Day 2/11/16
Level 1 & 2
Warm Up: 5 Minute EMOM
Min 1: 20 hollow body
Min 2: 20 plank kick backs
Min 3: 20 heel taps
Min: 4: 20 V-Ups
Min: 5: 20 back ext super mans
Metcon: 5 rounds For time, resting 2 mins between each round:
20 KB Floor Press
30 Sit-ups,
40 KB Sweet swings, 50/35rx 35/25sx or GPP
50 Air Squats
60 Dubs/180 singles

6pm night crew rocking it!!! So proud of our community!!! All different but they all come together with the goal of becoming healthier & happier at the Adult Disney CrossFit M.D.I.!


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