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Florida Fitness Championship Champs SWEEP!!!

Look at those smiles!!! We are so proud of Coach Ashely & Murii for not only winning first place today in their division buy doing it with grace & having fun! It was amazing to see these two put on a show!

Congrats to Coach Melissa aka Teach & Stephanie for placing 3rd place in their division! First time Steph performed in RX today’s at the Florida Fitness Championship! It was amazing to see these two work together the energy was ELECTRIC! Team crop top SLOTHS! YASSSSSS SO FREAKINGG PROUD!

Congrats to Coach Belinda & Alissa for taking first place at the Florida Fitness Championship!!! So proud of these amazing super monster woman for coming together & unite two amazing boxes. Armor & M.D.I. Baby!!! Epic!!!

Congrats to Coach Greg & Coach Luis for taking over first place in the men’s RX division! The way these two work together was Epic! They compliment each other’s style so well! Hard work pays off! They put on a freaking show!

All the thrusters!!!


Go ladies go!!!


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