Blog 103 & 104! Wednesday & Thursday WOD!


Classic THURSDAY WOD! Last year Stephanie & I went into labor! Olivia was not born until 12/20 but the 63 hours of labor needed to be felt through the box! So the Olivia WOD was born this same day last year. Only right to bring it back & test our fitness to see how we have improved.
Photo by: Luke Luke Tevebaugh the great
M.D.I. Of the Day: 12/17/15
1 mile run
100 Burpees
1 mile run

Blog 104
Day 3 of rest week in the books. 4 more days of rest left. Day 3 a lot more easier than the first 2 days.
@romwod is working! It allows me to stretch & feel like I am doing something still really good for my body. Maybe because it has the word WOD, it mentally allows me to chill. It’s a daily goal that I enjoying putting my body through to become better. So it’s a plus. I am adding thing to my routine daily from now on!
I’m still staying on my feet for most the day from teaching & coaching. My spirits are very high & I am feeling so positive about what this week off from training will bring.
As far as macros I been watching not to intake thoughtless impulse calories. Very important because this is a big mental thing for me to go through.
Remember I use to weigh 275lbs! Since I have lost over 100lbs I haven’t gone more than a few days without training.
So it’s a big mental challenge for me. It reminds of not so healthy times. No worries though peeps! The new Luis is mentally & physically stronger. I know why I I am doing this. It will help! I will be even better for training starting bright & early Monday. 4 more days peeps! 4 more days!
Good night & God Bless! –
Photo by: @ltevebaugh the great!
motivation! Dedication! Inspiration! Preserving the Sexy


Wonderful Wednesday peeps! Half way through the week & we are just getting things warmed up! Come check us out today at the Adult Disney CFMDI! We promise to help you get healthier & happier!

M.D.I. Of The Day: 12/16/15
Level 1: Fundamentals: Medicine Ball Cleans
5 min EMOM
15 OTS medicine ball cleans
* For every rep not completed within a min – 1 burpee penalty to be completed at the end of the EMOM.
METCON: Don’t Drop Your Ball WOD
4 rounds
200 m run w/ ball
20 Russian Twists w/ ball
20 Step ups w/ ball
20 Sit ups w/ ball
20 Dips
20 Back to Knee Touches
Level 2: MOBILITY: Lacrosse Ball Work
Deadlifts(5/3/1 Week 4 Day 2)
(25 min cap)
3 @60% of Max
3 @70% of Max
3+(AMRAP) @80% of Max
AMRAP @ 90%Max
KB Swings
Box Step ups
200m run
Motivation! Dedication! Inspiration! Preserving the Sexy!

Blog 103
My lil angel turns 1 Sunday! I can’t believe I have had this lil human for over a year! I really can’t describe the love I have for my daughter. It’s indescribable. I just know my life would not be as bright & beautiful without her. She is my Meh.
So day 2 peeps of rest week! Not as bad as day 1 but still tough! I’m working so hard to think of the rewards of much needed rest. No working out is tough. I know I can. I have such a great support system & they are keeping my spirits high.
I miss the workout endorphins of pure happiness I get from training. My body is feeling sluggish but I found a light!
ROM WOD! I am going to do this for the next 5 days. I know this will work because it will get my body moving but supple as ish!
What’s made me think of this was missing Yoga today. Our Yogi that teaches at the Box is gone for Christmas. So I needed to think quick on feet & it popped up in my brain because my friend KK & Row have been doing it.
I will keep you updated on it peeps. Time to enjoy my familia & friends. See you tomorrow at the Box & school. Day 3 coming up!
Thank you Stamatia Tia for taking my honey to get her pics! We love this gift! It means a lot!

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