The Competition

It’s time to grab your favorite WOD partner and bring the RAGE!

Co – Ed Teams of 2 – both Rx and Sx Divisions!

3 workouts + 2 floaters will test your fitness & how well you work together!

Date: 09 April,2016
Time: 08:00 am – 05:00 pm
Location: CrossFit M.D.I – 1460 N Goldenrod Rd #135, Orlando, FL 32807

Event will run 8 am – 5pm
Registration is $120 Presale & $140 after 12/6/15 includes athlete tshirt & bag.
All podium winners will win awards!
Cash prizes for ALL Rx Winners!!!
1st Place – $250
2nd Place – $175
3rd Place – $125
Scaled 1st Place winner will receive $150

LTevenbaugh Photography will be offering photo packages for athletes.
Warm-up area provided
This is an indoor/outdoor event; it is highly recommended athletes bring tents and/or canopies to provide shade for in-between heats


Divisions & Movements


Clean & Jerk 135 95 175 115
Snatch 105 70 135 95
KBS 53 35 70 53
Pull Ups Y N Y Y
C2B Pull Ups N N Y Y
Muscle Ups N N N N
Double Unders N N Y Y
Full Depth squat Y Y Y Y
Toes 2 Bar Y N Y Y
Knees 2 Arms Y Y Y Y
Wall Ball 20 14 20 14
Rope Climbs N N Y Y

Co – Ed Teams of 2

* Note: In most cases, athletes will be allowed to break up the repetitions in any way seen fit. It is suggested that both partners use the recomended working weight requirements above. However, only one of the partners be required to perform the skills above (ie: rope climbs, double unders, TTB). *

Workouts will remain confidential until their official release dates. Follow us on IG (ironragethrowdown) and facebook to see all of our updates.

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