Tuesday WOD & Fias Paleo Meals!

Different Day – Same Dream to become a healthier & happier you! Let us at CrossFit M.D.I. help you hit all your fitness goals.
Level 1: Simple & Effective
Tabata Tuesday:
Push ups
Hollow body
Jumping squats
Bicycle kicks
Arm haulers
Level 2: max number of rope climbs in 2 min
3 set of 20
GHD Sit-ups
Russian twists w/ med ball
For time:
100 Dubs
75 Wallballs
50 KB/DB Step ups


Guess who is excited about today’s @fiaspaleo delivery?! COACH MEH! Ladies & Gents you can’t out work a bad diet. Make your nutrition a priority & lifestyle. You don’t drive a car on empty so you shouldn’t drive your body that way either.
Meal prep is not easy for us all. Especially the time to. Coach Luis will tell you. Seek a professional. Fias Paleo is those professionals that you need to help you become a healthier & happier you. Check them out at fiaspaelomeals.com


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