Fun Friday PEEPS! The CrossFit M.D.I. community & familia is proud!!!

Fun Friday PEEPS! The CrossFit M.D.I. community & familia is proud!!! Let’s honor our country with an EPIC WOD. Let’s become healthier & happier & DO EPIC ISH!

M.D.I. Of the Day 9/11/15
Level 1: Fundamentals: KB series
20 min amrap
10 push press 45/35
10 American KB swings
10 box jumps 24/20
20 min amrap
30 frog kicks
20 crunches
10 push-ups
50m run
Level 2:
Warm up: Good mornings 65/45, GHD Back Ext 25/10, and Hip Ext 25/10
3 sets of 20
Teams of 3
30 min AMRAP
5 Team Deadlift 275/205
13 Push ups
9 Box Jumps 24/20

ALL THE FREEDOM!!! Athlete Vanessa Panda & Jacob Man crush destroying today’s TEAM hero WOD!!! When the CFMDI team freedoms we freedom like a MOFO!!!
See you tonight for class at 5,6 or 7pm!

3 year Anniversary that just passed in June. Battle of the Legends 3! So epic! We are grateful & look forward to continue to help change our community trough excellence of health & fitness.
Thank you Cid Michael for the amazing video.


Next Friday 9/18/15 We will only be open for morning classes at 6am & 9am only. We will be closed during the night classes because of The Affiliate Cup Throwdown @ewfitnesscenter
We would love for you to join us & cheer us on!!! We will need all the Cheers! Wear your M.D.I. shirts to rep your BOX!
About the Central FL Affiliate Cup at EW Fitness
Goal: to create a stronger, healthier functional fitness community in Central Florida through friendly competition amongst affiliates in Central Florida.
Where: EW Fitness Center & Barber Club, 930 International Pkwy, Heathrow FL 32746
When: 9/18/15 at 7:30 PM
Format: 4 affiliates invited to participate. 6 athletes from each affiliate (at least 2 females or 2 males from each affiliate). A minimum of two workouts per athlete each match.
Sample structure: athletes from each team will be seeded 1 to 6. Athlete 1 from affiliate 1 will face off against the other 1 seeds from the other affiliates. And so on…. The winner of the heat will receive 1 point, 2nd place 2 points… The lowest total score after all heats (12 total) will be deemed the winner of the affiliate cup. The workouts will be standard CrossFit-style workouts and a cross between Rx and Sx. There will be male and female standards.
Seeding: Seeding will be based on a combination of CrossFit Open scores, local competition results, conversations amongst the affiliates participating and knowledge of the athletes.


Success always looks easy to those who weren’t around when it was being earned. Countless of 16 to 18 hour days! 3 jobs! Wife & new daddy! Work is all I know to inspire! Work is how you provide & earn! Work hard! It’s the only way! The AMERICAN DREAM! From 275lbs to 185lbs! The peacock is OUT! IN QUADS WE TRUST!


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