Saturday WOD! Sunday WOD! Fits Paleo! Kick Boxing!

Peeps don’t forget you have until 5pm today to order your meals before the kitchen is closed! Don’t miss out! Fia’s Paleo is just what is needed to keep your macros & nutrition under control. You can’t out work out a bad diet!


Do not forget peeps we are open extra hours on Saturday and Sunday’s! 12-1(ish) every weekend We will be focusing on increasing your strength, fine tuning your skills, and working on making your metcons more competitive with Coach Greg. Look forward to see you today! Motivation! Dedication! Inspiration! Preserving the Sexy! Take a look at today’s tasty program by Coach Greg:
M.D.I. Of the Day: Sunday 8/30/2015
(A) 5 min EMOM:
3x Deadlift (RX+ 315/225) (RX 255/185)
5 Burpees over bar
(B) Alternating in teams of 4 (so 3:1 rest):
3 Rounds of 15 Calories on Air Dyne, as fast as possible
25-20-15: (14 Min CAP)
Wall Balls 20/14 to 10’ Target
500 Meter Row/400 Meter Run/20 Cal Air Dyne (Whichever is open)
3 min break after 14 min cap (or after last person finishes)
5×5 sprints 100 meters with a 1 min rest between.


9:30am crew rocked it!!! We love our community! Day in & Day out they get after it! 11am PTS OLY club up next! Then 12am kickboxing & Level 2 WOD of the day.


9:30am crew rocked it!!! We love our community! Day in & Day out they get after it! 11am PTS OLY club up next! Then 12am kickboxing & Level 2 WOD of the day. —- Crossfit M.D.I. is our name and PTS is our motto. At CrossFit M.D.I. we PRESERVE THE SEXY! Did you know your membership to CrossFit M.D.I. Gives you unlimited classes that includes Yoga Thursday's & our new Preserving the Strength barbell club!** WOWZERS! Mind blown! Monday-Friday Classes: Mornings: 6am Level 1 & 2 7am-8:30am Open Gym 9am Level 2 only —- Nights: 5pm, 6pm & 7pm Level 1 & 2 Wednesday: 8pm PTS Barbell Club Thursday 7pm: YOGA ONLY —- Saturday Classes: 9:30am Level 1 & 2 11am-12pm: PTS Barbell Club 12pm-1pm: Level 2 with Greg 12pm-1pm: Kick Boxing with Teach —- Sunday: PTS Barbell Clubz 9am-10am 12pm-1pm Level 2 with Greg —- Fundamentals course: Monday, Wednesday & Friday all class times. Special Offer: First class is free!!! CrossFit M.D.I. 1460 N. Goldenrod Orlando FL, 32807 Suite 135 Follow us: Facebook: CrossFit MDI Instagram: @crossfitmdi Twitter: @luisptslopez Yelp: CrossFit MDI #liveasanexample #alltheweight #notepunga #youwelcome #lilenginethatcould #camargoooo #teammdi #godschild #crossfitmdi #cfmdi #crossfit #faith #blessed #health #fitness #motivation #dedication #inspiration #nike #orlando #florida #nalgaprobs #spandexkillas #ptsmade #preservingthesexy #npti

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12pm crew on a Saturday rocking it!!! Devon aka The MicDiesal & Melissa aka Teach showing our community how to defend & protect them self with kick boxing. Great added feature & CrossFit M.D.I. also the 12pm level 2 WOD with Coach Greg opening more hours to provide our peeps with excellence.



Crawling is acceptable, puking is acceptable, tears are acceptable, pain is acceptable. Quitting is unacceptable. How bad do you want it? Let us help you become a healthier & happier you! CrossFit M.D.I. is all about MOTIVATION! DEDICATION! INSPIRATION! PRESERVING THE SEXY!
M.D.I. Of The Day: 8/28/15
Level 1:
Fundamentals: KB series
30 min: amrap Team wod
100m run
30 tire flips and hop throughs
90 KB deadlifts
100m run
30 box overs
90 hip extensions
100m run
30 arm haulers
90 sit-ups
Level 2:
10 min EMOM
Power Clean / split jerk / BTN jerk/ back squat @ 65% of Clean 1RM
10 min cap
Wall balls
Deadlifts 185/135
10 min cap.
Partner WOD 3 rounds each person (6 total)
One person rows 200m
While other partner holds handstand or dead hang off rack. Then switch.

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