Bar Bella of the Week: Monica! Mon & Tue WOD!

MONICA BARBELLA OF THE WEEK!!! This woman right is is all the inspiration!!! Lost over 60lbs! Works hard! Trains hard! All the passionate about her goals & it shows!!! From her first 5K, 8 minute mile & last weekend her first comp! She is a big inspiration to us all! Congrats Monica on being the Bar Bella of the week! You earned everything.
When did you start CrossFit?
May 29, 2014
What do you love about it?
I love the physical challenge and to experience the constant progressions. Everyday I am able to do something better than the day before. Even the slightest progressions are a source of accomplishment.
Did you accomplish any fitness goals?
I have accomplished many fitness goals. The one I am most proud of is running the 5k without stopping. It was by far the most mentally daunting challenge. Mile 2 is always the toughest to get through, the desire to stop is greatest in that mile.
What is your favorite type of workout?
I enjoy the circuits, and anytime that I am pushing/pulling heavy things… oh and tire flips… that’s a good one!
What is your life like out side if the gym?
I live a pretty quiet life. Work, gym, home, with some occasional travel.
It’s small, just me Ray and our cat, Iris.

Other hobbies?
Lately it’s been attending lots of CrossFit competitions, but I do like hiking, and cycling.


The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get started, take action, move. 6am making moves early in the morning to start off the day with great energy!!! We love our peeps! We look forward to see the next class at 9am,5pm,6pm or 7pm.

Level 1: Tabata Tuesday
Hip extensions
Mountain climbers
KB swings
Elbows to hands
Level 2: Skill: Romanian Deadlifts 3×10 135/95
Good Mornings 3×10 45/25
7 min EMOM
1 Bar MU or 5 C2B/Pull-ups
12 OH Lunges 115/85
Snatches 95/65
Floor Press
Box Jumps
15 min Cap

Battle of the Legends 1 in 2013, BOL 2: 2014 & BOL 3: 2015! Progression! God has truly blessed us every year. We look forward to next years 4 year anniversary!
Also stay tuned for HUGE NEWS! CrossFit M.D.I. first open box Throwdown which we will invite the entire florida to find out who will be epic?!


Monday peeps!!! Time to do it bigger & better! Another chance & day to become healthier & happier! That message will be spread to our children. Our kids are the future! Teach them young! Mariah & Olivia will be the next dynamic duo as you can see in this pic.
M.D.I. Of the Day: 6/15/15
Level 1: Fundamentals: Press Series
Motavational Monday WOD
4 Rounds
200 m Farmers Carry
15 Floor Press per arm
15 Sit ups
15 Goblet Squats
15 KB Snatches
15 shoulder taps
** every 3 min on the min 50 m sprint***
Level 2:
Strict press & Jerks
25 minutes to establish max single.
Metcon: 4 Rounds
10 clusters 135/95
20 butterfly sit-ups
30 dubs
400 meter run
Repeat for time

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