Saturday WOD! Memorial WOD! Tuesday WOD! Wednesday WOD!

Step by step. We can’t think of any other way of accomplishing anything. It won’t be easy & it won’t be given. Your health & happiness must be worked & earned. But guess what The CrossFit M.D.I. can help motivate & inspire your through example. Let us help!

**Photo Cred: Cid Michael**

M.D.I. Of the Day 5/27/15

Level 1: Fundamentals: Press Series
Wacky Wednesday: Animal Series

4 Rounds
50 m Duck Walk (to the mailbox)
25 m Frog Jump (to the fire hydrant)
50 m Walking Lunge (to the end of the turning curb)
100 m Lateral Shuffle (to the front of the building and back to the turn)
100 m Back Pedal (back to the gym)
1 Bear Crawl Lap around the Black Mat
1 Crab Walk Lap around the black mat
25 Frog Kicks
25 Arm Haulers
25 Russian Twist
25 Butterfly Sit ups

Level 2:
5x3x1 Strict Press & Jerks 75,85,95% of 1RM
Toes to Bar/K2E
Box Jumps
400 meter run
Buy out: 150 double unders/300 singles


Believe in yourself, push your limits, experience life, conquer your goals, and be healthy & happy! Let us at CrossFit M.D.I. help you in the process!

M.D.I. Of the Day: 5/26/15
Level 1:
Tabata Tuesday 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off
KB rows
Push ups
KB squats
Flutter kicks
KB floor press
Elbows to hands
Level 2: Strength: Snatches 75,85,95% of 1 RM 5x3x1
10 min EMOM
8 Deadlifts 205/155
50 m run
Front Squats 155/115
Sit ups

Monday Memorial Day

Memorial Day Monday celebrate with our community & coaches at the 3rd annual Beach WOD at Cocoa Beach behind Coconuts!

M.D.I. Of the Day: 5/25/15
Team WOD: If Murph was a Kettle Bell
1 Beach run with Team & Kettle Bell
100 Kettle Bell Snatches
200 Kettle Bell Clean & Jerks
300 Kettle Bell Russian Kettle Bells Swings
1 Beach run with Team & Kettle Bell

**Buy Out** 100 Team burpee then cover one team mate in sand pit pull them out & sprint to water to cool off.

3rd Annual CrossFit M.D.I. Beach WOD! EPIC!!!! Thank you to our community for making this year even bigger, better & filled with love & positiveness! ALL THE LOVE! Workout is done & it’s now time to enjoy each other & an ADULT BEVERAGE! Thank you to all the soldiers for our freedom! Especially my father who served our country 26 years. Love you Dad aka MSGT Lopez!


We are so proud of our Saturday 9:30am crew that just did the Murph WOD! You guys are fresking rock stars!!!! ALL THE MERICA!!! Time for PTS OLY at 11am!
1 mile run
100 pull ups

roud PAPA!!! Olivia Lynn did her first Hero workout this morning with us. MURPH! 1 mile in her stroller. She cheered us on during the WOD then another 1 mile stroller run. She will be surrounded with love, health & fitness always. She is such a happy baby. So blessed. My wife is such a rockstar mom as well. She is my strength. I love you @stephluv143

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