Day 6 Blog! Tuesday WOD of the Day! Danny Camargo!

Day 6 Blog entry. Love how important is it when you are doing something?! It’s the most important thing! My students always ask me how do you do it Luis? How do you coach & run a business, teach at school & then go back to coach & run a business. I tell them: LOVE! I wake up daily thanking God for the opportunity to change lives. It’s not difficult to do something when you have God, family & amazing peeps that are with you daily to make your vision & dreams come true.
Don’t get me wrong it’s physically & mentally tough. But nothing thrown at me is hard enough that God won’t get me through it with a smile on my face. My father always taught me to work. Work ethic is everything. Consistency is everything. Never let anyone out work you Chungy. That’s what he told me. So I listened.
Today’s training was not my jam but I pushed through. Deadlifts! frown emoticon All the barbellas out deadlift me & that’s ok. LOL I am getting stronger since the hammy has been in rehab. 100% better.
I did get to sneak in 5 sets of chest 10 reps at body weight. Love that pump feeling. One thing I can say I miss about good old body building was the pump. Always good to take care of the ornaments as my students would say. LOL
Eating more calories are still tough to come by when you have a jam packed schedule. I sneak in as much food as I can. It’s working. I feel stronger. My lifts are getting better & my energy levels are up.
Best part of training lately is seeing my wife get back into her workout routine & with Olivia. It’s been amazing to have our daughter be apart of the process the entire way. Today we switched out kettle bell Turkish get ups for baby get ups! LOL ALL THE LOVE!!! Kids are a product of there environment. Olivia will be surrounded with love, positiveness, health & fitness.
I hope this blog is still helping my peeps with motivation. I want to show you that there is enough time in the day for health & fitness to be apart of your life. Just takes the want! How bad do you want it peeps?


Day 5 blog entry. Operation heavy lifting & get stronger in full effect. Did a lot of everything today. Back Squats on front squats, some heavy hang power cleans for reps & some much needed gymnasty stuff. That is where my hole is at. I am not afraid to admit my muscle ups are far from decent. I need to relax a lot more & not pull so early but I promise my self no matter how frustrating they can be I will do it. Thinking of taking a gymnastics class at least once a week to get better. Dangling in the air is not comfortable for me. The more I do it the more at ease I get. I'm hoping to get 2500 calories in today. I will really have to start being creative with my food choices because I don't want to get bored of eating the same ole same ole. Peanut butter can only do so much. LOL! I'm about to order like 5 pieces of chicken breast & a desk full of veggies. Rest is getting better slept around 6 hours last night. Shooting for 7 to 8 for most days. I have scheduled my 2 day rest Wednesday & Sunday. It will also allow me to get some more family time in. My Olivia Lynn is growing so fast I don't want to miss her growing up. I want to be apart of every mile stone. Great perk is that she gets to be with me at CrossFit M.D.I.. I always catch myself running into the lobby to kiss & hug her on my breaks. She loves the Box. She likes to watch while her mom works out or even our community. We try to only let her in the gym part of the box for 20 to 30 minutes because it's summer & it gets hot. If you guys have questions in regards to training or nutrition please let me know. This blog is here so I could help. #bol3 #liveasanexample #thequadfather #notepunga #youwelcome #lilenginethatcould #camargoooo #teammdi #godschild #crossfitmdi #cfmdi #crossfit #faith #blessed #health #fitness #motivation #dedication #inspiration #nike #orlando #florida #nalgaprobs #spandexkillas #ptsmade #preservingthesexy #npti #mrpts #metconicon

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FOLLOW ASAP!!! The CFMDI_BARBELLAS INSTAGRAM PAGE!!! It’s to showcase the beautiful strong woman of CrossFit M.D.I. On their journey to become healthier & happier & showcasing how they out-lift all the boys!!
Repost @cfmdi_barbellas with @repostapp.
Sorry boys, this one is just for the ladies! We have so many amazing woman here at MDI, that they deserve their own page to show how inspirational they are to the world. No one compares to an MDI Barbella.
We will feature a “Barbella of the Week” every Friday and have a contest coming up with a great pre-workout prize.
Tag @cfmdi_barbellas in your crossfit photos to be featured!

It’s simple, really: Be great right now so that you can be great later on. Everyday we get better peeps! We look forward to see you for class at 6am,9am,5pm & 6pm today. Do not forget tonight at 7pm class will be closed due to a special Olympic weight lifting seminar by Danny Camargo at CrossFit M.D.I. Class is sold out. No worries if you missed this seminar we will have him back very soon.
M.D.I. Of The Day: 5/19/15
Level 1: Circuit Jams. 3 sets 1min,45sec,30sec.
Wall balls
Ring rows
Knees to elbow
Ball slams
Concept Row
Sled push
Axle bar push press
Box Dips
Level 2: Strength: Deadlifts 70,80,90 % of 1 RM 3x3x3
4 rounds
6 TGU 45/35
12 Push-ups
24 KB Snatches
200 m run
** every 3 min on the min 1 rope climb**

When the WOD gets real at 6am & your coach ask you to hold a wall sit for a billion minutes while passing 3 14lbs med balls! The morning crew felt it especially TIA! LOL


When the WOD gets real at 6am & your coach ask you to hold a wall sit for a billion minutes while passing 3 14lbs med balls! The morning crew felt it especially TIA! LOL 😂😂😂 —- Crossfit M.D.I. is our name and PTS is our motto. At CrossFit M.D.I. we PRESERVE THE SEXY! Did you know your membership to CrossFit M.D.I. Gives you unlimited classes that includes Yoga Thursday's & our new Preserving the Strength barbell club!** WOWZERS! Mind blown! Monday-Friday Classes: Mornings: 6am Level 1 & 2 9am Level 2 only —- Nights: 5pm, 6pm & 7pm Level 1 & 2 Wednesday: 8pm PTS Barbell Club Thursday 7pm: YOGA ONLY —- Saturday Classes: 9:30am Level 1 & 2 11am-12pm: PTS Barbell Club —- Sunday: PTS Barbell Clubz 8am-9am Special Offer: First class is free!!! First Month SPECIAL! CrossFit M.D.I. 1460 N. Goldenrod Orlando FL, 32807 Suite 135 Follow us: Facebook: CrossFit MDI Instagram: @crossfitmdi Twitter: @luisptslopez Yelp: CrossFit MDI #thebabyfacedon #liveasanexample #alltheweight #notepunga #youwelcome #lilenginethatcould #camargoooo #teammdi #godschild #crossfitmdi #cfmdi #crossfit #faith #blessed #health #fitness #motivation #dedication #inspiration #nike #orlando #florida #nalgaprobs #spandexkillas #ptsmade #preservingthesexy #npti #mrpts #thequadfather

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We are ALL THE EXCITED about this peeps!!! Tonight at 7pm!!! The legend himself: Danny Camargo teaching a private OLY seminar. Class sold out! No worries CFMDI family we will set up another date to have @camargo_oly back.

**Please make note that 5 & 6pm class are still open for normal class.**

Thank you to our CrossFit M.D.I. community for allowing us to be you 2nd home & allowing us to help change your life through health & fitness. We heart your face peeps!

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