Happy Bday to one of the best coaches ever!

Happy Bday to one of the best coaches ever! Coach Melissa aka Teach! She is a hard worker, committed, bright, strong & one amazing friend. She has helped us at Crossfit M.D.I. spread positiveness & helps us daily spread our message of health & happiness! We love her forever for everything she does day in & out. Happy Bday COACH! God bless & we wish you 1,000,000 more amazing Bday & wods!

M.D.I. of the Day 3/24/15
Coach Teach Bday WOD:
Teach’s Epic Birthday WOD
Level 1: 26 min AMRAP
3- 50 m sprints
24- KB Hang snatches
89- Single jump rope
Level 2: 26 min AMRAP
3- 50 m sprints
24- Hang Snatches 95/65
89- Dubs
Core Work:
3 Rounds
24 Sit ups
24 Frog Kicks
24 Russian Twists
24 V ups
24 Bicycle Kicks



The morning working has begun! What are you waiting for peeps! Get up & get your body going! If you missed the morning class no worries. We hope to see you at 9am,5pm,6pm or 7pm for an epic workout! Motivation! Dedication! Inspiration! Preserving the Sexy! —- Crossfit M.D.I. is our name and PTS is our motto. At CrossFit M.D.I. we PRESERVE THE SEXY! Did you know your membership to CrossFit M.D.I. Gives you unlimited classes that includes Yoga Thursday's & our new Preserving the Strength barbell club!** WOWZERS! Mind blown! Monday-Friday Classes: Mornings: 6am Level 1 & 2 9am Level 2 only —- Nights: 5pm, 6pm & 7pm Level 1 & 2 Wednesday: 8pm PTS Barbell Club Thursday 7pm: YOGA ONLY —- Saturday Classes: 9:30am Level 1 & 2 11am-12pm: PTS Barbell Club —- Sunday: PTS Barbell Club 8am-9am Special Offer: First class is free!!! First Month SPECIAL! CrossFit M.D.I. 1460 N. Goldenrod Orlando FL, 32807 Suite 135 Follow us: Facebook: CrossFit MDI Instagram: @crossfitmdi Twitter: @luisptslopez Yelp: CrossFit MDI #preservingthestache #liveasanexample #alltheweight #thedadstache #notepunga #youwelcome #lilenginethatcould #firstrounddraftpicks #teammdi #godschild #crossfitmdi #cfmdi #crossfit #faith #blessed #health #fitness #motivation #dedication #inspiration #nike #orlando #florida #nalgaprobs #spandexkillas #ptsmade #preservingthesexy #npti #mrpts #thequadfather

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