Let M.D.I. Help you become a healthier & happier you!

Nothing is wasted. All your struggles, hardships, delays, and failures are working towards a greatness within you, yet to be revealed. Let M.D.I. Help you become a healthier & happier you!

M.D.I.of the Day: Thursday 1/29/15
1 mile run buy in
10 Rounds:
10 push ups
20 sit-ups
30 air squats
40 Dubs
1 mile run buy out


Don’t forget what day it is peeps!!! It’s Yoga Thursday’s with Elizabeth at 7pm at CrossFit M.D.I. After the 5 & 6pm class on Yoga will be in full effect on Thursday nights. This is a great way to recover & get a active rest day in. Mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, stretching is all apart of being healthy & happy. Yoga is great food for the soul & mind. Come get supple with us at 7pm!


Hey Team this is the Schedule for our Competition this weekend 1/31/15 In Downtown Orlando on Wall Street.

Address:19 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Hey Guys, schedule of Events here!!
Athlete Check in – 10:00 am YOU GET TO SLEEP IN!!
Athlete/Judges Briefing – 11:00am
WOD 1 – 11:30am
Guns and Buns contest – 1pm
WOD 2 – 1:30pm
Burpees and Beer contest – 3:45pm
WOD 3 – 4:15pm
Squats and Shots – 7pm
Ceremonies – 7:15pm
Let the Party Begin!!!!


Transformation Thursday: I use to joke with my wife when I was 275lbs & tell her that I was going to get healthy & happy for our family & if the washing machine broke not to worry because she would be able to use my stomach to do the laundry. 6 years later with God, hard work, dedication & a great support system Im able to make that joke come true. 105lb loss!!! I don’t plan on losing any more weight, I plan on getting fitter, stronger & happier for my family & community. I will live as an example. So when I pass, I will die as a legend! BluePrint! The PTS WAY!
Last workout day until comp day. Conditioning to the wheels fall off! Def going to need our Yoga class at 7pm after this one! 41:48 TIME!


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