It’s December 1st peeps! You have one month to finish the book of 2014.

It’s December 1st peeps! You have one month to finish the book of 2014. Let us at CrossFit M.D.I. help you make the last chapter of the year an epic one! 2015 will be even bigger & better! It’s never too late to start. Visit up today for class. 6 & 9am, 5,6 & 7pm.
Skill Warm Up: 5 minute Amrap
In a square:
lunges to one side
High knees to one side
Lateral monster walks
Inch worms
Level 1:
MOTAvational Monday!!! 3 Stations for 8 min AMRAP
1- combine style
100 sprint
25 m Tire flips
2- KB work
4 Turkish Get ups
6 KB G2O
8 KB Push Press
10 KB Swings
3- ABs of Steel
25 V ups
25 Bicycles
25 Flutter Kicks
25 Russian Twists
Level 2:
Strength: Jerks 10x10x10 75% of 1 rep max
Metcon: Mainsite Madness
75 Kettlebells Swings
Run 1 mile
75 kettlebell swings
For time:
Mobility after



Dear Family, Friends & Community. What's on the Agenda this week? Monday: Dominate Tuesday: Dominate Wednesday: Dominate Thursday: Dominate Friday: Dominate Saturday: Dominate Sunday: Dominate Dominate what you ask? Fear, anxiety, weakness, doubt, struggle, the voice in your head saying no, love, passion, spiritual health, nutrition & training. Let's become a better us together! Let CrossFit M.D.I. Help!!! **Fun Barbell complex challenge today. 2 push jerks into a split jerk at 75% of your 1 rep max. Try to stick each landing. Tag @crossfitmdi & me once completed. Best Video wins a M.D.I. T-Shirt! Motivation! Dedication! Inspiration! Preserving the Sexy! Monday-Friday Classes: Mornings: 6am Level 1 & 2 9am Level 2 only —- Nights: 5pm, 6pm & 7pm Level 1 & 2 Thursday 7pm: YOGA ONLY —- Saturday Classes: 9:30am Level 1 & 2 11am-12pm: PTS Barbell Club —- Sunday: PTS Barbell Club 8am-9am Special Offer: First class is free!!! First Month $70 unlimited classes CrossFit M.D.I. 1460 N. Goldenrod Orlando FL, 32807 Suite 135 Follow us: Facebook: CrossFit MDI Instagram: @crossfitmdi Twitter: @luisptslopez Yelp: CrossFit MDI Crossfit M.D.I. is our name and PTS is our motto. At CrossFit M.D.I. we PRESERVE THE SEXY! #preservingthestrength #notepungafunny #firstrounddraftpicks #teammdi #newteampositivedreams #godschild #crossfitmdi #cfmdi #crossfit #faith #blessed #health #fitness #motivation #dedication #inspiration #reebok #killcliff #orlando #florida #nalgaprobs #spandexkillas #ptsmade #preservingthesexy #npti #youwelcome #mrpts #thequadfather #ptsbc #yoga

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