Happy Halloween from the M.D.I. coaches!!!!

Happy Halloween from the M.D.I. coaches!!!! Remember guys wear your costume for the 6am or 9am class. Night classes will be closed do to trick or treating.
Every ONE of us is a STORY in progress & because of Your love, support and encouragement, we are stronger and more present.
Thank you,
Happy Halloween! 10/31
M.D.I. Of the Day: 3 Rounds
10 Box Jumps
31 KB Swings
10 Burpees
31 KB Deadlifts
10 Push ups
31 KB alternating arm Cleans
10 sit-ups
31 KB push press
10 alternating pistol squats
31 KB alternating Bent Over Row



6am Halloween WOD was pretty epic! Bat Coach was fixing form & showing off his dance moves! 9am class see you soon.


9am crew Halloween WOD! We love our peeps!


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