Some of the most recent amazing transformations at CrossFit M.D.I.

Some of the most recent amazing transformations at CrossFit M.D.I.

Thank you ladies and gents of our community for allowing us to help you become a healthier and happier you!

Lilly Gonzalez says:

“A day like today…6 months ago…I made the biggest decision of my life.
To love myself enough to do what I truly wanted to do for me….be healthy….be happy…be strong!
28 pds lost….10pds at a time and counting….but I have gained so much…coach Luis Pts Lopez your support and encouragement is beyond…”thank you” from the bottom of my heart! To my M.D.I. family your support and love carries me through every WOD…I will forever cherish each and everyone of you. WHOOP WHOOP! Another 6 months….Here I come!”

Katherine Lebron says:

“44lbs in 6 months so far I’m super happy with all the motivation that all the Crossfit mdi family has giving me I’ve meet lots of awesome people… Thanks”

Jeanna Lopez says:

“My Before and After 52lbs lost after 1 year of CrossFit M.D.I. No stopping now! I made excuses for way to long and when I decided to get serious I started seeing results. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much you can lift or squat. What matters is that you want it bad enough for you and there is nothing more gratifying then saying I did it! No one can take this from me. I’ve lost some battles but have so many other #gainz lol!
“Thank you to those who believed in me and pushed me along the way!

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