It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone into the unknown, but you will look back & feel grateful at how far you have grown.
“Lord, lead us so we can lead others.”

I appreciate hard work, consistency, effort & the grind. I appreciate these individuals! They believe in me & I them. I know what they can do even before they even knew. I have never felt the need to be called a leader but guess what?! It’s my position it’s my role it’s my path. I will lead! They are my team & you guys are my community.

M.D.I. Of the Day:
Level 1: Coach Luis
3 Rounds
Row 1 minute
Box overs 1 minute
V-ups 1 minute
Ball slams 1 minute
Jump rope 1 minute
Planks with leg raise 1 minute
Sled push 1 minute
Suicides 1 minute
Level 2: Coach Manny
Over Head Squat Max
Coach Team Wall Street WOD
24 minute Amrap:
5 over head squats 115/85
10 toes to bar
15 wall balls
20 sit-ups
Repeat as many rounds as possible. Only one team member at a time. Must start with a female teammate then tag in a male teammate.


Dear God thank you for allowing our Dreams to be part of your plan for us! This pic was our first Box! 600 square feet of pure love! 2 years later we have grown to 6,000 square feet of blood, sweat & tears under one roof! Thank you! We are humbled! We will not let you down!

To my CrossFit M.D.I. community and NPTI students! I hope this helps with your rowing technique. Please watch it gives you great tips for todays rowing from CrossFit HQ.


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