Walk with the dreamers!

Walk with the dreamers, the believers the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers that have their heads in the cloud and their feet on the ground. It’s the PTS WAY!

In 16 days we will be celebrating our 2 year Anniversary as a BOX gym. We have inspired people to live a healthy & happy life & are blessed to continue to change the world! Join us 6/21/2014 for Battle of the Legends 2 & for a BBQ right after at The adult Disney CrossFit M.D.I.

It’s supposed to be hard! Otherwise there would be no growth! Grow with us at CrossFit M.D.I. Become the healthy & happy you!

M.D.I. of the Day:
Level 1: Coach Vic’s Run Chipper
1 mile
100 box jumps
800 meter run
75 Hand release push ups
400 meter run
50 KB thrusters
200 meter run
25 Over Head lunges
Level 2: Coach Manny
1 mile
400m buddy carry
40 cleans
80 lunges
120 kb swings
80 back squat
40 push press 135/95 115/75
400m buddy carry


So peaceful! All set up & ready! The adult Disney will be open in less than 1 hour! Woot! We look forward to see you tonight at 5,6 or 7pm.


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