Get ready to compete at the Second annual PTS competition BATTLE OF THE LEGENDS!

Get ready to compete at the Second annual PTS competition BATTLE OF THE LEGENDS where we will crown a male and female War Room Legend.
Everyone is welcome to battle it out to become a War Room Legend.
The competition has 3 events comprising of Workouts, Weightlifting, Endurance and a Surprise Event. The exact events for competition will not be announced until Battle Day.

Battle of the Legends 2 Standards:

 All athletes must be able to complete these following standard movements:
• Push-ups
• Air Squats
• Weighted Squats
• Wall Ball Shots
• Lunges
• Plyometric Movements
• Dumbbell Presses
• Sit-ups
• Sprints
• One mile run
• Obstacles
• Lift Conventional objects
• Pushing or Pulling objects

RX Division:
The Rx Division is for athletes that can perform most benchmark workouts as prescribed in their box or gym. Athletes should be strong, excel in most gymnastic movements and have an ability to sustain a high tempo and pace while working through movements.  In addition to the movements required for the scaled division, athletes may have to perform:
• Olympic lifts (med to heavy load)
• Power lifts (med to heavy load)
• Toes-to-bar
• Pull-ups/ (female)
• Chest to Bar (males)
• Handstand push-ups
• Double-unders
• Rope climbs

Scaled Division:

The Scaled Division is for athletes that have experience performing high-intensity workouts that include Olympic lifts, Bodyweight movements and cardio-respiratory modalities.  In addition to the standard movements listed above, athletes may have to perform:
• Olympic lifts (light to medium load)
• Power lifts (light to medium load)
• Knees-to-Elbow (females)
• Toes-to-bar (males)
• Pull-ups (males)

There will be prizes for First, Second & Third in both divisions.
Date: Saturday, June 28, 2014
Where: CrossFit M.D.I.
1460 N. Goldenrod Suite 135
Orlando, FL 32807
$30 per athlete before Saturday, May 23, 2013 at 11:55PM (Early Registration Fee)
$40 per athlete until Saturday, June 21, 2013 at 11:55PM
Registration Deadline: Saturday, June 21, 2014 @ 11:55PM

Registration price includes a T-shirt! There will be absolutely no refunds for any reason.
Invite your friends and family to Battle Day!

1) The Battle of the Legends 2
a) The Battle of the Legends is an annual competition held at the CrossFit M.D.I. to determine the War Room Legend.
b) The battle consist of five separate events, determined by the Judges, all which are held on the same day.
2) General Rules
a) To participate all athletes must agree to and follow any and all Rules and Policies, including, without limitation, the Assumption of Risk, and Photo Disclaimer.
b) All athletes agree to compete in a sportsmanlike manner.
i) No arguing, fighting or any misconduct with official judges or fellow athletes or spectators. Any such behavior will not be tolerated and may be grounds for disqualification or removal from the event and from future events.
3) Registration and Participation Requirements
a) Athletes must be a minimum of 18 years old. Athletes may be asked to show a valid Photo ID with birthdate as proof of age requirement.
b) Anyone that falls within the age requirement and can perform all workouts may participate in the Battle.
c) All athletes must have a complete registration form, waiver form and have paid in full.
d) All athletes must check-in prior to 7:00AM on June 28, 2014 (Battle Day) to compete. Anyone that does not check-in by the specified time will not be allowed to compete for any reason.
e) Athlete packets will be available one week prior to Battle Day (June 28,2014). Packets must be picked up prior to Battle Day at the PTS Fitness Studio during operating hours. No packets will be given out on Battle Day.
f) There are two (2) divisions for the Battle
i) Individual Men
ii) Individual Women
g) Registration prices are listed below. All payments are final. No refunds will be permitted for any reason.
i) Early Registration (May 2, 2014-May 23, 2014 at 11:55PM): $30 per athlete
ii) Registration (May 24, 2013 – June 21, 2014 at 11:55PM): $40 per athlete
iii) Registration deadline is one week prior to Battle Day: Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 11:55PM
h) PTS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it finds to be dishonest or tampering with the entry process or the operation of Battle of the Legends.
4) What to Expect
a) There will be a total of 3 events to be performed, which will include endurance, weightlifting and workouts. The specific events will not be communicated until Battle Day.
b) Athletes must be able to perform most of the following exercise/movements to compete (Standards):
i) Deadlift
ii) Clean
iii) Squat
iv) Push Up
v) Sit Up
vi) Run (12:00/mile)
vii) Lunge
viii)Climbing Rope
ix) Knees to Elbows
x) Box Jump (20”W/24”M)
xi) Chin to Bar
xii) Kettlebell Swing (35lb W/ 50lb M)
xiii) Burpee
xiv) Jump Rope
c) Exercises/Movements must be completed with:
i) Proper technique
ii) Required number of repetitions and/or repetition scheme
iii) Required equipment
iv) Required amount of weight
v) Time domain or time limit
d) Failure to complete the above standards will result in a “no rep”
i) A “No Rep” will require the athlete to repeat the exercise/movement in order for it to count towards total score
ii) Only judges can call a “no rep”
e) Scoring Format
i) The male and female athlete with the best performance over 3 workouts in the battle wins.
ii) The male and female athlete in their respective divisions with the lowest total of points will win. Only the best scoring male and female athlete in the division will win the title of War Room Legend.
iii) Point System
(1) Each event will give out a maximum of 100 points. Points will be awarded as follow:
(a) 1st place – 1
(b) 2nd place – 2
(c) 3rd place – 3
(d) 4th place – 4
(e) 5th place – 5
(f) 6th place – 6
(g) 7th place – 7
(h) 8th place – 8
(i) 9th place – 9
(j) 10th place – 10
(k) 11th place and so on – 11 points
(2) Judges and officials will be enforcing the movement standards and validating the Athlete’s score. Judges will have final say and arguing, yelling or any conduct deemed unsportmanship like will result in disqualification.
(3) Judges and officials have the authority to stop or suspend an athlete at any point in the competition if he or she feels that athlete is at risk of serious injury to himself/herself or others.
(4) If a tie were to occur in a single event, all will receive original point value. If a tie were to occur for the title of Battle of the Legend, the athletes will perform a surprise tie breaker workout
(5) Athlete is responsible for completing each event within the time given.

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