1RM week! Also stands for 1 mile run!

1RM week! Also stands for 1 mile run! 🙂 I got to throwdown with my morning class at 6am which was super fun & not the norm! My right hand man & coach @bearded1da took over class & pushed us all the way through. Endurance mental Wods are always my Jam. Mental toughness is so important in life & fitness. Mom & Pops taught me well.

M.D.I. Of the Day: 45 minute Cap!
20 burpee buy in
1 mile run
100 burpees
800 meter run
100 toes to bar
400 meter run
100 wall balls
200 meter run
For time!


Friday morning the raffle begins for a great cause! All proceeds will be donated to a wonderful family who are part of our CrossFit M.D.I. Community: Davisito & Susu Perez who are battling Lymphoma! Donations are more than welcome this whole weekend.

We will be raffling off: Kill Cliffs, Progenex supplies, CrossFit M.D.I. Classes, shirts, hats & free kids babysitting for the month & unlimited classes. Hmm what about a hot lunch date with Coach Victor or Coach Manny! LOL JK!!! Or am I!!! 🙂 Every dollar counts for this amazing family! We look forward to see you for class! We heart your faces.


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