Join us tonight for class! 5pm,6pm or 7pm we will help you become a healthier a happier you.

Morning 6am class row to get things started on a terrific Tuesday! See you tonight at 5,6 or 7pm for the next class.

WEPA!!! Functional movements performed with Salsa intensity. The return of Salsa hips!!! A fun workout today at CrossFit M.D.I. Representing the Latino CrossFit community. Joys of being a trainer & affiliate box owner is I can program Salsa hips at any time in the workout. LOL


Todays workout ladies & gents! Try it out!

M.D.I. Of the Day:
Strength: Strict Press
70%,75%,80% of 1 rep max 2 sets of 3 reps per percentage
Metcon: 10 min EMOM
3 hang squat cleans 145/85
3 push press 145/85
1 muscle up
12 min Amrap
3 strict pull ups
6 handstand push ups
9 front squats 145/85
Repeat for as many rounds as possible.
5 minutes of Salsa Hips to cool down. 😉


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