Rest day for the P.T.S TEAM!

Rest day for the PTS TEAM! We are getting our body & mind ready for April 11-12. What’s so special about that date? RAID Games Europa Throwdown 2014. We competed last year so this is our 2nd year back & we are excited to put on a show in front of our Central Florida Family. Mark your calendars the PTS BOYS are back! Oh guess what? the PTS ladies are getting ready to! 😉

FIRST MAJOR EVENT WE ever DID AS A TEAM! We where the rookie team among many pro’s and we had the biggest support system screaming PTS all weekend long! If you support our love for heatlh and fitness and our Preserving the Sexy movement follow our journey and take a look at last years video.


My beautiful wife Mrs. PTS says she is ready for the throwdown! 140LBS clean Personal Record for her:

Video: 140LBS Clean from Mrs. PTS

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