Why PTS you say? We make it our mission to Preserve the SexyTM each and every day.

When training gets rough! You call on batman! In my case bat girl aka my wife helped me push through a heavy session! LOL!

PTS of the Day:
Strength Dead Lifts 5x5x5
80%,85%,90% of 1rm
7 rounds 10 min time cap:
8 Hand Release Push Ups
12 Heavy Deadlifts 275lbsm/155w
Repeat for rounds or time runs out.
8 minute Amrap
100 meter run
15 sit-ups
5 deadlifts 185lbsm/115lbsw
6 minute EMOM
10 toes 2 Bar/ Knees to elbow
3 Deadlifts 225lbsm/135lbsw
3 burpees


PTS community 6am class back at it again! Great way to start a new week! No Monday blues at our BOX! Only hard work & smiles baby!!! We hope to see you later today did the next class.

1st class is FREE!
1st month: $70: Unlimited Classes for 30 days Now that’s a DEAL!
1460 N. Goldenrod Orlando FL, 32807 Suite 135
Class times:
Mon-Fri: 6 & 9am mornings
Mon-Fri: 5 & 7pm nights
Sat: 9:30am

Follow us:
Twitter: @luisptsfitnessstudio


Mrs. Lopez wants you to know that PTS is dedicated to you! Why PTS you say? We make it our mission to Preserve the SexyTM each and every day. When you become part of this mission you will see a dramatic improvement in your physical and mental well-being. You will begin to acquire a completely new body that will no doubt make you proud!

We keep you motivated.
Motivation is probably the biggest key to your success. Our qualified trainers design classes that will continuously keep your motivation levels high. No two workouts will ever be the same! Not only is this the mark of a well-designed program, but it also prevents the boredom that many people experience after committing to a long- term fitness regimen.

Be inspired to be your best.
Your health and fitness journey does not have to be a lonely one. At PTS you will feel like being amongst family, joining a community of great people who share your same passion for developing a healthier body and mind.


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