$70: Unlimited Classes for 30 days Now that’s a gift!!!!

Question of the day!!! Did today bring you closer or further away from the goals you have set? Remember you were strong enough to get this far you are strong enough to keep going. I got a great training partner! @beardrd1da keeps me in my toes.

PTS of the Day:
Kipping Progression skill
Back Squat heavy 5x5x5
Metcon: 12 min. Amrap
3 bar muscle ups
7 back squats
9 sit-ups
1 rope climb 20ftmen/15ftwoman
Repeat as many rounds as possible
Weight for Metcon:
135lbs men/ 95lbs woman
loaded bar must be on floor.

Class times:
Mon-Fri: 6 & 9am mornings
Mon-Fri: 5 & 7pm nights
Sat: 9:30am

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Jan.17-19: Stephapalooza Dirty 30
Feb: PTS Competes at ice monster
April: PTS Competes Raid Game


PTS GIFT HOLIDAY CERTIFICATE! Give the gift of health to a friend or family member who has never tried a PTS class! $70: Unlimited Classes for 30 days Now that’s a gift!!!!


Some of the PTS ladies hitting a tough workout before the 7pm class started! They are rocking it!!! Strong woman are the new sexy!


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