The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle.

The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle. Who is ready for BLIZZARD BASH & to be on TEAM NALGAS?! Ladies & Gents only one class tonight at 9pm!

Be there for:
Friendly Team Throw down
Potluck dinner
Adult Beverages after
Big Movie Projector sleep over!

My wife & the PTS ladies sure did kick the boys butts today! One of the funnest & dirtiest workouts yet!

Friday: PTS of the Day:
Isabel & Heavy tire EMOM
Every minute on the minute 1 heavy a$$ tire flip remaining time as many snatches as possible until you complete 30 reps. If new minute starts continue 1 tire flip at start of each minute.

Today’s Class times:
Sat: 9:30am
Follow @ptsfitnessstudio


Couldn’t hold it in anymore!!! Paris wanted to release the PTS workout of the day at the PTS FITNESS STUDIO!!! You ready!!!! Here we go! Lace up your running sneakers!!!

Thursday: PTS OF THE DAY: 5K RUN!
40 minute cap! If you make it back before time is up with the remaining time you must complete as many burpees as possible!!!
Example: coaches time:
@bearded1da ran 5k in 24:15
@luisptslopez ran 5k in 24:16
With left over time of 15 min
@bearded1da 130 burpees
@luisptslopez 163 burpees

My wife is straight beasting it! Strong is sexy! Ladies weight training builds muscles & keeps your bones strong so you don’t get osteoporosis! You will not get bulky! Woman are genetically different from men! You only get better! Do not fear the weights!


The fun & craziness that happens daily @ptsfitnessstudio Join us tonight for class at 7pm! This secret surprise workout will be epic! So epic I will not post it until tonight! Be prepared PTS-ERS!


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