If I can do it do can you! From 275 pounds to 170 pounds!

Want faster results? Simple. Work harder!!! It’s been a every day battle! If I can do it do can you! From 275 pounds to 170 pounds! Play with your heart your mind will try to trick you. Let PTS FITNESS STUDIO help you become a healthier & happier you!

Strength: Jerks 5x5x5
Metcon: 20 minute Amrap
6 Shoulder to Over head
12 push ups
15 box jumps/ step ups
30 double Unders/ 60 singles
Repeat for as many rounds & reps as possible.
Weight: 145lbs men/ 85lbs women
Scale to fitness level if needed
Box: 24in men/ 20in women

Class times:
Mon-Fri: 6,9,10am mornings
Mon-Fri: 5,6,7pm nights
Sat: 9:30am

Follow @ptsfitnessstudio

Dec.6: Blizzard Bash 9pm @PTS
Dec.7: Glow 3pm-9pm @Avalon Park
Jan.17-19: Stephapalooza Dirty 30
Feb: PTS Competes @icemonster
April: PTS Competes Raid Game


Crossfit Buddy last night was all excited to coach the 5,6 & 7pm PTS Class tonight! FYI he loves heavy front squats!


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Thank you ladies & gents for believing in me & the PTS Movement. All we want is for you to be a healthier & happier you! Keep up the great work!

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