Ladies & gents do not forget to get your PTS workout in tonight at 7pm!

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it. PTS FITNESS STUDIO started as a dream! It was just the other day I was training my clients & friends in a parking lot. A little over a year and now 2 PTS gyms later the mega was born to be able to change even more lives at a higher quality! Let us help you reach your health & fitness goals. Your life will be completely changed because of it.

Class times:
Mon-Fri: 6,9,10am mornings
Mon-Fri: 5,6,7pm nights
Sat: 9:30am

We are a couple that train together daily! The physical, mental and emotional challenges associated with Functional Fitness contribute to our marriage by applying learning experiences to our personal relationship. We are sharing a life-changing commitment with each other which will generate a stronger foundation that’s unbreakable.
PTS OF THE DAY: Thanksgiving Log
Buy in: 800 meter run with 75lb burden log
Over Head Squats
burpee box overs
Repeat 21-15-9 then
400 meter run with 75lb burden log
Weight: 115lbs men/ 65lbs woman


Ladies & gents do not forget to get your PTS workout in tonight at 7pm! Crossfit Buddy will not be helping tonight he was touched last night & lost his magical powers. Remember kids & PTS-ERS he can not be moved or touched when you find him the next day or He may lose his powers. Thank Genesis for writing Santa Clause to send him some Progenex recovery & Kill Cliff so he can be up at WODing it up Saturday morning. See you guys at 7pm!


Tuesday night: Bro sesh with the best work out partners ever! Paris is spotting & Crossfit Buddy Elf making sure I get full range of motion.

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