Crossfit Buddy Elf filling in today.

6am class is about to start! If you didn’t know we have Coach Crossfit Buddy Elf filling in today. He is ready to rock & has the workout on the board.

Video: Fear & perfectionism can be paralysing. Take risks. Be bold, wild, creative & free!

HandStand Push Up Skill
Metcon: 12 minute Amrap
4 HandStand Push Ups
8 Ring Rows
400 Meter Run
Repeat as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes.
Max Deficit push-ups 2 minute cap

Monday WOD: If you believe enough in the process SUCCESS will come to you. You just have to be willing to see it through to the END.

PTS OF THE DAY: skill Pistols
—- Metcon: 7 Rounds… 3 burpee box jumps
6 pistol squats
9 thrusters
Weight: 95lbs men/ 65lbs woman

Monday Night: Trixie the PTS Elf is ready to check you in to tonight’s PTS CLASS at 7pm! She also will help you with Progenex supplements if you need a quick boost of energy or some recovery!

Coaching is everything! Great job to @linninin one of the PTS ladies who just got her first muscle up!!! How bad a$$ is that!!! Congrats we are so proud!


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