My Teammates = Family!

PTS FITNESS STUDIO morning bootcamp class honors the men, woman & families that lost their lives on Sept.11th. My Teammates = Family!

PTS 9/11 BootCamp
Hero WOD 30 min Amrap
9 bar thrusters
11 bar lunges
100 meter run
9 wall balls 20lbs
11 box jumps 20 inch
100 meter run
9 v-ups
11 Russian twist
100 meter run
Repeat 30 minutes
PTS TEAM & Coaches Hero WOD
100 squats
5 bar muscle ups
75 squats
10 bar muscle ups
50 squats
15 bar muscle ups
25 squats
20 bar muscle ups
As fast as possible for time!


photo 2

You don’t change people’s mind by the words you speak, but you inspire change in their hearts by the life you live. Take every chance. Drop every fear. Preserve the Sexy! We hope to see you tonight at the PTS FITNESS STUDIO 7pm for class.

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