Congratulations to Venecia Hendricks for becoming the member of the week at the PTS Fitness Studio!

Congratulations to Venecia Hendricks for becoming the member of the week at the PTS Fitness Studio! Ms. V you show tremendous dedication day in and day out at the PTS Fitness Studio. You have hit almost every single fitness goal you have placed for your self at PTS! Everything from dropping your body fat, flipping tires, dead lifting and even winning 2nd place in your first in house Fitness competition at BATTLE of the LEGENDS! We thank you for all your hard work and for inspiring the members at PTS to push that extra mile! You are the!

Member of the Week: Venecia Hendricks “MS.V!”

When did you Join PTS?
I joined around February 2013

Why did I join PTS?
I wanted a new challenge.

What changes in your physical & mental health, physique and overall performance have you seen since starting PTS?
Overall I have seen a tremendous change. Mentally I am able to tell myself that “I Can” do it and push through the pain. For me it is a constant battle in my head and my brain is telling my body to give up. But I am seeing the changes and I refuse to give up. Not only am I noticing the changes but others see and compliment on how good I look and can see how happy working out makes me feel.

What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting PTS?
You have to start from somewhere. It is intimidating seeing the tires, the bars and the weights. I say just try and you will be surprised at how far you will go. As long as you have the drive to do it, then you can.

Favorite PTS exercise or workout?
Baseball bat to the tire! Yeah..

Favorite activity outside of PTS?
Relaxing and hanging out with family and friends.

Proudest accomplishment at PTS?
Being able to compete in the Battle of the Legends and coming in 2nd place. There were some amazing competitors and I was honored to compete against them.

Favorite place to eat or Cheat meal?
My mothers home cooked Jamaican rice and peas and oxtails.

Something that people would be surprised to know about you?
I played the violin and danced ballet when I was younger.

What/who inspires you the most?
My son is my inspiration. I want to show him that if you set your mind to something and you put your all into it, then you can do it. The PTS staff and the great workout partners are a great motivation. They get me through the workout when I think I can’t and encourage me to keep pushing.

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