I love training with the PTS Team. Especially fun to bond & grow as a family.

Started the day right with some heavy deadlifts & rope climbs! I love training with the PTS Team. Especially fun to bond & grow as a family. Seeing my wife get stronger & beast is an amazing feeling. 😉 (Fresco Husband Talk sorry) LOL To believe in yourself and to follow your dreams… This is success! -Sasha Azevedo

Deadlifts 5x5x5 325LBS
Metcon: 3 Rounds for time
1 rope climb 15 feet
10 hand release push ups
20 Double Unders
5 Deadlifts (275men) (165woman)
Repeat 3 Rounds

Video: http://instagram.com/p/dhOGMYHH9v/

Ladies & Gents! Do not forget the GRAND Opening of the MEGA PTS Fitness Studio aka The coliseum will be September 28, 2013. We will be having a fun show around and workout that day so bring your workout gear and be ready to Preserve the Sexy! We want to thank all of you ladies and gents for allowing us to grow and with allowing us to grow we promise you nothing but quality and excellence!Sneak peak of the construction going on at the new Mega PTS Fitness Studio! The coliseum will be amazing!!! Seeing it come to life before my eyes! PTS Team working!


Video: http://instagram.com/p/dagB9RHH-7/

Saturday Workout:

Team of 4 WOD
150 Dubs
100 KB swings 50lbsm/35lbsw
90 push ups
80 wall balls 20lbs
70 Handstand push ups
400 meter run
70 Thrusters 95lbs m/ 65lbs w
80 cleans 95lbs m/65lbs w
90 box jumps 24in
100 RDL 95lbs m/65lbs w
150 Dubs
1 rope climb per team member

Construction still in progress but time for for PTS boys to hook up the rings to play. Muscle ups in flip flops is always fun.

Video: http://instagram.com/p/ddTZR9HH3M/

Picked up some heavy new atlas stones for the New Mega PTS Fitness Studio! Hmm I might be nice & let the 7pm class for Fun Friday test them out!

Some husband vs. wife squats Video: http://instagram.com/p/dYJcZMHH4a/

Thank you ladies & gents for another amazing PTS BOOTCAMP this morning! Motivation! Dedication! Inspiration! Preserving the Sexy! Now of to teach TRX suspension training class!

Video: http://instagram.com/p/dZmrbInH2V/

All set up & ready to certify my students in the art of Suspension Training. Absolutely love what I do! Motivating & inspiring other personal trainers to go out there & do functional fitness the PTS WAY!


Video: http://youtu.be/BcQmLWofjLc

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