Push the boundaries, & laugh a lot, it’s good for you!

Fun Friday is about to get real! I will record the PTS team workout so you can understand how epic it will be!

EPIC ISH! Never set limits, go after your dreams, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries, & laugh a lot, it’s good for you!

PTS OF THE DAY: Fun Friday!!!
“Marvel vs. Justice League”

15 Snatches
Log carry 250 meters
20 thrusters
Log carry 250 meters
25 clean & jerks
Log Carry 250 meters
10 muscle ups
Log carry 250 meters
For time!
Weight: 135 men/ 75 woman


You’ve got one job, and that is to get better. Be your best, and life will be too. Thank you Papa Dios for another day alive & allow me to inspire the world.

Thursday: PTS of the Day: Snatches
3-3-3-2-2-1-1 (180LBS ‪#‎PR‬)
Metcon: 5 Rounds
3 Squat Snatches
5 sit-ups
7 push ups
1 (100) meter sprint
Repeat for 5 rounds

Super productive awesome day! Trained with the team. Taught at school CPR class. The PTS team started construction of the gym. Also some of our new fitness toys have came in! The official burden logs used on the 2013 Reebok crossfit games! What will I do with this entire pallet of beautiful sexy joy logs!!! Hmmm you will have to wait until Sept. 28th the grand opening of the new mega PTS Fitness Studio aka the coliseum. See you to 2nite at the PTS Fitness Studio at 7pm for class!


Stay healthy! Stay hungry! Be a gentlemen! Believe strongly in yourself & go beyond limitations!

Do you want to have fun while you get healthy? Do you want to be surrounded by an amazing community of people cheering you on? Do you want to become a better you? Let PTS FITNESS STUDIO help you! Start our class tonight at 7pm! For schedule class times, dates or prices go to http://www.preservingthesexy.com

Wednesday: Nothing like some tasty heavy Dead lifts to get you going in the morning! PTS Baby! Thank you morning BootCamp for motivating me! You guys rock! 7pm class be ready!

PTS OF THE DAY; Deadlifts
3-3-2-2-1-1 (360lbs)
Metcon: row & lift
200 meter row
9 Deadlifts
400 meter row
7 Deadlifts
600 meter row
5 Deadlifts
Men:225LBS Woman:155LBS
TIME: 6:17


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