PTS of the Day: “Invincible determination can accomplish almost anything…”

“Invincible determination can accomplish almost anything…In this lies the great distinction between great men & little men. ” PTS Boys are amazing monstrous gorilla men!

Follow us on & @ptsfitnessstudio to see our progess as we train for the Crush Games 3 on August 24-25!

PTS of the Day:
3 Hang Snatch
6 Over Head Squats
9 Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls
Repeat for 5 Rounds
Half mile run
100 sit-ups
100 double Unders
3 rope climbs for time

The best part of being a trainer is changing lives! When my clients and PTS Team hit new goals from weight loss & strength gains to being able to do EPIC things like your first 20 inch BOX Jump! This brings a huge smile to my face! Congrats Ana for getting your first box JUMP! You are amazing and you are my secret weapon on the PTS Team! 🙂 Do you want to do epic things? Join us tonight at the PTS Fitness Studio at 7pm for an amazing workout!

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