PTS OF THE DAY: “Success isn’t something that just happens!”

I shall keep practicing then! The workout was not nice to me today. The muscle ups were extra mean & tough today. “Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared.” See you tonight 7pm at the PTS BOOTCAMP!

PTS OF THE DAY: 3 Rounds Yari
1. 400 Meter Row
2. 15 Box Jumps 24inch Box Male/ 20inch Box Female
3. 15 Wall Balls 20LBS
4. 15 Power Cleans 95LBS for Men/ 65LBS for Female
5. Repeat for 3 rounds or time
Buyout: as many muscle ups as possible in 1 minutes.

My clients weren’t to thrilled about their surprise ending to their workout! Lol overhead PVC pipe half a mile runs are no joke… The best part of coaching at the PTS studio is the family we have created. See you tomorrow bright and early at 6 am or 7pm for another amazing workout. Goodnight and god bless
PTS of the night :
25 thrusters 45LB BAR
50 Push Ups
75 Jumping Pull Ups
100 Squats
75 Arm Haulers
50 Sit-ups
25 thrusters 45LB BAR
Surprise ending:
300 Meter Sprint with PVC Pipe over head.
50 Meter Over Head lunges with PVC Pipe
Half mile run with PVC pipe over head! LOL KILLER


  1. I think people believe that things should come easy in life. This is why goals are always tossed out the window and given up on. The people that succeed are the ones who take rejection and keep pushing forward putting in all the hours ad hard work. Great quote.

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