Such an amazing weekend! A record breaking day in all categories!

Such an amazing weekend! A record breaking day in all categories. PTS Team trained liked beast for our next competition in Miami the Crush Games. Broke records on lifts. 255LB clean for me, 120LB for Mrs. Lopez & 280LB for Vic! Taught 2 classes at the PTS Fitness Studio which is always kick butt! Ms. Joanna has lost 49LBS! Now about to go celebrate life with my family & team. God Bless & don’t forget to Preserve the Sexy!

PTS of the Day:
60 min cap
1 run at a time trash to hydrant n back
10 elevated pushups each
20 Overhead Squats Together
10 situps each
30 cleans 135LB men/85LB woman
10 fireman squats each
40 wallballs together
10 team hold situps
50 jerks together
10 clap pushups together
60 hang cleans together
10 leg throws each
70 Arm Haulers together
10 Seated rotating oblique balls
80 wallballs together
10 seesaw situps
90 Kbs
10 unbroken pullups (partner assisted)
100 deadlifts
Team run-trash to street n back

Getting my YOGA on! Ms. Alison aka my mobility YOGA guru & one of my PTS training partners working her magic to make me a supple leopard lol.

Reebok Crossfit Regional Games ready! Woot! Woot! Road trip with the PTS Fitness Studio will be epic!!! Excited! Excited! Excited!


Be stronger than your strongest excuse! Only way to move in life is up! Climb & never stop reaching for the moon. If you fail it’s ok you tried & you still land among the stars.

PTS OF THE DAY #1 Morning Chipper

Trash Run
25 pullups
50 pushups
75 squats
100 dubs
75 situps
50 toes2bar
25 handstand pushups
Street Run
5 205LB Squat Cleans


9 Push press
7 Chest to Bar
5 Clean n jerks
3 Snatches
1 min of Muscle Ups
155LBS Bar for all movements

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